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2022 Question and Answer With Monster Bash Haunted House

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MinnesotaHauntedHouses.com recently sat down with Jt Shupe of Monster Bash Haunted House, to discuss what's new at Monster Bash Haunted House for the 2022 Halloween Season!

What's new at Monster Bash Haunted House for 2022? Do you have any new rides, attractions, or special features that Haunt Seekers should know about?

As our longtime fans know, every season is a new experience; we break the haunt down and rebuild it from scratch each season. We also change the theme and this year we've tried something we haven't tried before as our theme.

What are you most excited about for the 2022 Halloween Season?

Our crew has really gotten into the spirit of this haunt and we're excited to see how they pull off all the planned scares.

What differentiates Monster Bash Haunted House from other local haunts in Minnesota?

Our haunt is run as a 501(c)3 charity. As such the lion's share of our income goes to support arts programs in the local school district. In 9 seasons we've donated about $108k. We are built and run by volunteers and students and their families.

How long has Monster Bash Haunted House been in business? Can you tell us a bit more about Monster Bash Haunted House's history?

Monster Bash Haunted House started 11 years ago as an idea to help defray trip costs for our Band and Choir in the local High School. We have expanded that mission to include all arts programs at the local High School. If you check out the history section of our website, www.monsterbashhauntedhouse.org, you can see the uniquely themed haunts we've pulled off over the last 9 operational seasons. About 5 years ago we went from a parent-led organization to a 501(c)3 to manage the haunt and acquired our own building instead of borrowing our haunt site. Since then we have continued to improve our building and invest in the haunt, trying to make it better each year.

How long is a typical haunt experience at Monster Bash Haunted House from start to finish?

This varies depending on your group. We tend to say that the haunted house itself is from 10-15 minutes depending on design and how people experience it. However, our board and volunteers work to make even the queue experience something fun and scary. Line waits can be up to an hour or more depending upon the night. We recommend coming early, late or on Sundays to avoid longer lines.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how scary would you say Monster Bash Haunted House is? Why?

We are a strict no-touch haunt, so for some people that takes away from our fear factor. We work to be an above-average scare factor but since each person's scare resistance is different it's difficult to quantify the experience for everyone. I can tell you from personal experience we've had people who find us not scary and others who have lost their bowels or curled up in a corner crying and refused to move. We do offer a "less scary" option for the meeker guests.

Does Monster Bash Haunted House's property have any real haunted history? Do you have a spooky encounter you'd like to share?

While we are not aware of any real haunted history, our workers have experienced a number of things while working on site. Voices, unexplained sounds and props moving when not powered have all happened in our building.

How has new technology (i.e. animatronics, special props, etc) helped you to enhance Monster Bash Haunted House?

As a charity, we have been slow to bring in expensive new technology but are expanding into this area slowly. However, sometimes the old school scare is the best scare!

Can Monster Bash Haunted House accommodate large groups? How many people can experience Monster Bash Haunted House together as a group?

We limit groups to 4 or 5. We feel the experience is better for our patrons in small groups. Monster Bash does not like "conga lines" in our haunt and our staff will work to break those up when they do happen.

Anything else you'd like to let us know about Monster Bash Haunted House?

See our website for details! We are proud to have been voted Top Attraction by minnesotahauntedhouses.com for the last 4 seasons we have been open!




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