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Calvary Cemetery - Real Haunt in Mankato MN

  • 200 Goodyear Ave.
  • Mankato, MN
  • (507) 387-5784
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At this cemetery, you can find the visuals for many stories told by school children. There are several stories about an evil doctor who shows himself as a ghost-devil, and some about Hell Road, a path nearby where animal sacrifices were reportedly performed. When ghost hunters checked the place out, they reported that no such devilish behavior really occurs here and that the ghosts that live here just want to be left in peace.
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  • Normal

    My gramps was buried there nothing wrong I have seen the doctors grave but no hell road no evil stuff

    Posted 6/17/23

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  • The organ

    one night back in the early to mid nineties me and m now husband and another friend were messing around in the cemetery which we as high schoolers did often in Mankato, Mn… All of the sudden the organ started to play really loudly from inside the church at 1 am there in the cemetery. We proceeded to try to go in but the church was locked… A little creeped out we decided to leave and the next day we called there to speak to whom is in charge of the cemetery to ask if by chance it was like a player organ that has set times it plays.. The answer we received was no there isn’t a player organ and the organ should not of been playing. Creeps us out still and we go there often as my grandparents and my mother are laid to rest there

    Posted 6/4/23

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  • I live close to it.

    It is very much haunted! I can't even look at it without feeling sick now. A few years ago I would constantly walk through or ride my bike through there, sometimes with friends. I personally have a long list of things that happened to me there such as; Walking out and having a shadow figure run across the street in front of me, only to disappear on the other side, Having what looks like an older man with long gray hair walking on a trail across from me and a friend, only to vanish behind a tree. One experience I can recall is looking for my cat that ran away in there and getting near the far right of the cemetery and getting an overwhelming sense of dread and feeling sick, despite being perfectly healthy beforehand. Hearing footsteps behind us despite there being nobody in the area where we heard it. The road/ trail in the back that's basically gravel and lined with trees and a steep hill down weirds me out for sure. I recall finding bits of broken graves down there along with more broken stones, and seeing animal bones ( Unfortunately I originally thought they were rocks until I picked it up and saw the other side. It was a small skull.) I remember hearing a bell ring throughout the graveyard after talking about the old tradition of bells with graves due to fear of being buried alive. My phone acting up and turning off despite being fully charged and my hand being nowhere near the power button. I recall the last time I went in there suddenly rushing out after feeling dread and evil behind me, I remember being afraid to look back. That same night I had a dream about an evil being around a statue and mausoleum and then one of my friends at the time screaming, “Run, don’t look back! He is angry and evil, run!” Then running on that back gravel road for my life to get out past the gate, hearing screaming and crying. When I woke up it was completely dark in my room and hearing the sound of plastic being crinkled and a scratch on my window. My room is on the second floor, no trees by the window or even close to it. However this isn't the first time weird things have happened in my room. Regardless I haven't set foot inside since. It's been four years now.

    Posted 2/28/22

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  • Calvary Cemetery real scary sight....

    I saw a garter snake and like 3 or 4 spiders and one of them was still alive. maybe the other ones are what haunts this area, who knows? i had trouble reading the graves because i wasn’t wearing my glasses but they probably said something legit so i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. not sure why there’s a statue of a lowercase t there but it might have something to do with who made the cemetery or something. there were some awesome statues of things too so that’s cool. i would highly recommend visiting this cemetery but be weary of unwanted pests like spiders and snakes and stuff.

    Posted 3/3/21

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  • No haunted experience here

    Regular well maintained cemetary with lots of history. I do not get any vibes from this cemetary. Although I don't think its haunted, there are so many amazing graves, statues and so much history. This is definitely a cemetery to walk through.

    Posted 9/20/20

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  • Cool cemetery- not spooky

    The scariest thing here is the “innocent victims of abortion” memorial. Otherwise beautiful cemetery.

    Posted 5/16/20

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  • Ok

    Never saw the devil doctor or found a hell road. Did see a resurrection garden and while I was reading the description from this website while at the garden, my phone went black and the light that was shining on the cross in the garden turned off at the same time my phone went black. Obviously we were not wanted there. We stayed for a bit longer but did not see or hear anything.

    Posted 4/24/19

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