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Ferguson’s Cemetery - Norwood Young America MN Real Haunts

  • 18624 County Rd. 34
  • Norwood Young America, MN
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This cemetery supposedly has a ghostly little boy who likes to look out over a tombstone. Reports say that his grave is the one in the southwest corner, separated from the other graves. Some eerie occurrences that have happened here include orbs, strange feelings and the sound of a phantom dog barking.
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  • I believe there is something unexplainable there..

    There are farm houses near by which have dogs so that's most likely where the barking comes from. But I have also experienced hearing the running twice as if something or someone is messing with you. Wind did pick up in certain spots then leaving the wind would stop which was odd. Did capture a photo of a head of a little boy peeking around a tree...I need to dig for that and I'd gladly share it. Weird feelings I'm that place and I'm going back again real soon. See what happens when I'm alone.

    Posted 10/14/23

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  • Similar to others

    It's nice to read others comments and know that I've had a similar experience. Something playful or prankful is there that will make you jump.

    Posted 10/5/23

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  • I night I will certainly remember

    I went with three of my friends and my mom. When he had gotten there the first thing that happened was I heard a scream but everyone I was with said they didn't hear it. My mom and one of my friends stayed in the car. I had only gotten out of the car for about a few seconds. My other two friends stayed outside and then came back in the car. One of my friends had a spirit box on her phone so she used that for a bit. We left because one of my friends was really scared and crying. And then my friend that sat in the front had zoned out for about 10 minutes and me and Taylor which was one of the friends I got out of the car with couldn't snap her out of it. When we snapped her out she said it was okay. Later at my house Kate said that when she was zoned out she saw strobe lights and heard screaming and scratching. It was a weird experience for all of us.

    Posted 5/1/23

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  • I don’t know what it is but there’s something goin on here

    leaving the ferguson cemetery now, it’s 11:09 PM , went with my boyfriend and our friend. surprisingly we heard running, i saw a head and shoulders, i did indeed hear a dog bark which was unexpected. it’s a beautiful cemetery. this type of shit doesn’t spook me too much, so i know i wasn’t scared, so i stayed alone in the cemetery by the supposed little boys grave on the far southwest side of the cemetery, it spilts off from all the others and it’s unmarked and broken i believe, and i was just sitting there and i just started getting this horrible feeling, i just got so weirded out, and i started seeing things but that could have just been from the weird feeling, the weird feeling was like my throat was closing? or like i just got done coughing up a lung or something. and i felt like i was being watched so i looked around and behind me by the exit next to the little boys grave i saw some sorta shadow, it could have just been a shadow from nothing but it was shaped human like almost. creeped me out and i just stepped back and then bolted out cause i thought it was my boyfriend trynna scare me or sum but nah he was by my friend in the felid. my boyfriend went in alone and said he did see a figure behind a grave and got outta there. my friend doesn’t believe but he also does, so he was a little spooked and stayed out of the cemetery, but he said he hear something moving when we first entered in the middle of the cemetery, to the left. they also both say they heard whispers to the left aswell, which is the side of the cemetery where the “little boys” grave is. there’s definitely something weird there, hella old graves and it’s in the middle of nowhere so i don’t think anything can be explained by neighbors or something, which is why i’m posting this. definitely check it out if you wanna have a spook, make sure it’s at night but not too late cause yk trespassing. be safe and be respectful to the ghosts cause yeah the only time things really happend is when my boyfriend was being a sarcastic dick lol.

    Posted 10/29/22

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  • Pretty Scary

    The wind did not pick up when we went in, but it got darker when we went in. We could hear small footsteps to our right, and saw an odd shadow sitting on one of the gravestones. Good place if you want to get spooked!

    Posted 11/21/21

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  • Very hunted

    We went several times each time we heard people talking towards the back of the cemetery we heard the phantom dog barking the wind would real pick up inside the grave yard and stop once you leave out thats no lie each time we went it happened. We seen a big black shadow figure up in the tree it was huge we heard foot steps all around us I seen the figure of the little boy my first time there peeking around a tombstone my son seen a black phantom dog run past to the back where the little boys gravestone is at ...I felt a sadness when a got close to his burial spot I felt alone and scared even though I had people with me as soon as I got away it was gone ..... but a eerie feeling was with me the whole time as if we where being watched ....there is something evil around in the trees becareful if you go and keep your eyes on them trees there is definitely something about them that scares me

    Posted 7/25/21

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  • Very active location

    I belong to a paranormal team called Nightwatch. We investigated the cemetery and have tons of evidence collected from it. Very good location.

    Posted 9/30/20

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  • Shadow Person Spotted

    Little shadow boy spotted between trees. An eerie feeling. We got very scared and left. This cemetery is pretty well known for being haunted.

    Posted 8/27/20

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  • most haunted cemerty ive ever been at

    we did hear the sounds of a dog barking other moments were being touched from behind i personally was pushed from behind sounds of champanne glasses clanging together also a spirit of a little girl was captured by me on cell phone 2 pics one of a little girl 2 of a military man sitting on his grave in all white. my opion is if u want a good scare pls take the time out of your day and go see this cemertary u wont be disappointed u will get results i did robert and trish were there going again

    Posted 8/14/20

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  • Nothing Found

    A team of us went in there one night and with equipment and didn’t get any evidence what so ever. What sounds we heard, we were able to explain.

    Posted 7/24/20

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  • Real

    I've gone there a few times with groups of people. Each time i've gone i have heard the phantom dog and have had bad feelings. But the last time I went, we wen' t to the back corner by the little boys grave, and the barking kept getting louder. I then saw a figure in the trees by his grave, staring at me. I then felt something behind me and heard the grass moving. This place is definitely haunted and I recommend going there.

    Posted 4/25/19

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  • AKA Babies Crying Grave

    Went there with a group of friends one summer evening, clear skies with stars and moonlight abound. Showed up round 1 am and once inside the graveyard wind picked up very feircely to the point that the trees surrounding it sounded as if they would break. We all stepped out of the graveyard and the howling wind would stop, in and out we all tried this over and over. We finally kept going and made it to the large tree that is near the center, that's when the noise of animals running through leafs even though there were none. We never made it all the way to the back corner of the graveyard, just to spooky.

    Posted 2/26/17

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