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The Kahler Hotel - Rochester MN Real Haunt

  • 20 SW Second Avenue
  • Rochester, MN
  • (507) 280-6200
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This hotel is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of the former Mayo Clinic patients. They cause strange sounds and smells and quick temperature changes.
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  • I observed many occurrences not knowing the history of the hotel

    Many years ago I stayed at this hotel with my family to attend an event in the "ballroom" in the basement. We stayed in a room on the 7th floor. It felt like we were the only people on this floor, completely silent all around. We were there the day before the event and we decided to grab a bite a bite to eat. Up to this point I hadn't experienced anything. Hallway: Walking down the hallway to the nearest elevator is when I became to notice weird energy. My family was ahead of me, and I had this constant feeling that something was watching me. I looked back a few times, and then the last time I looked there was "something" that went right into a door. I couldn't make sense of it at the time, but it appeared to be a black ball of something going into a door. An elevator: We get to the elevator, and something didn't seem right. I had a feeling that this elevator would probably stop functioning, but we all went down without issue. We get back from dining out and when we go to use the same elevator to get back to our room it had malfunctioned and was put out of service. A few hours later we wanted to check out the main floor and explore the hotel a bit more. The elevator was back in service by that time and we decided to use it. We step in and when I push the button for the main floor nothing happened. I push it again and nothing happened. After the second button press we waited for about 5 seconds before deciding to get out of the elevator. As soon as we were starting to get out I felt this strong energy and the button appeared to register and it began closing the doors. The Pool: The pool is located on the top floor where you need to walk up a flight of stairs due to no elevator access. This. Was. Epically. Weird. The view was amazing looking out the large window panes to the city, but that's where the excitement ended for me. I would get these STRONG gusts of what appeared to be the smell of rotten meat or something, and my family, literally, right next to me didn't smell anything of that nature whenever these "gusts" happened. The basement: Where the event was held. I didn't feel the same type of energy I felt in the pool area, but it had a creepy feeling to it. There were a few moments that were off where no matter how I tied a balloon to the chairs we were sitting on I bought during the event would find its way to the ceiling that had me scratching my head. They grabbed the balloon for me several times with a tool that extended to the ceiling. They eventually gave me a weight for free they tied the balloon to, and the balloon eventually ended up on the ceiling -- I left it up there until the event was over. After we arrived home I immediately googled this hotel and found there to be several similar stories across several websites. The details have remained vivid ever since.

    Posted 8/21/23

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  • I’m here now, I’m scared

    So I got in the elevator to go down, I got to the 8th floor and the doors opened, this lady walked in and didn’t hit any buttons and just stood there. I didn’t make eye contact with her but I could see she was just looking at me anger my corner of my eye, I got to level 3 and I got out and when I looked back as the doors where closing . There wasn’t anyone in the elevator.

    Posted 10/23/21

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  • Haunted hotel

    Me and my friend (no adults) were at the Kahler and we were on this one floor and it was bare empty and look like it needed construction but when we were in our room we keep hearing kids playing in the hallways when there was no one in the hallway and no one else in that floor also we keep hearing knocking on the walls....

    Posted 2/6/21

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  • haunted

    we went there because a family member needed treatment at mayo, we stayed there quite a bit because it was connected. one night we woke up and my family member was screaming stop and help. also with that you can notice some weird smells some like rotten mac and cheese in hallways and staircases.

    Posted 12/13/20

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  • Eyes on my back

    I stayed there in 2019, a couple times, carpet in hallway looks like on the movie 'The Shining'. I would walk down the hallway to go smoke a cig outside, i didnt know the hotel was haunted, as i was walking, i could feel someone behind me, staring. I would keep turning around, no one was there. Pool area is on 10th floor. Elevator goes to 8th floor, you have to walk in staircase 2 floors. Air is heavy there, feel spooky if ur by urself, like i was. Haven't been back there.

    Posted 8/17/20

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  • word to my mutha that shii haunted folks on FOE

    we be smoking there yk by the stair case smoking on that getho wlh. nah but we saw dis one ladie walking down da hallway then me and the foes ended up walking her way then shorddie ass hits dis cut dn we hit da cut da bitch wasnt there anymore folks ong she was gone we was like 3 feet behind shorddy ass. ong we was scared asf i was high of foe keemo pack folks. but yuh dat bihh haunted on foe. foe punn holla at me

    Posted 1/22/20

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  • Energy is super heavy

    We were just in here and I could tell by the energy that the hotel had to be haunted. We walked into the ball room and all of a sudden the temperature sky rocketed. I told my sister we had to leave because the place was haunted. I went to google and sure enough it popped up as haunted. I have no doubt in my mind that this place is haunted.

    Posted 3/5/19

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  • Scary Hotel in Rochester

    My friends and I were on level m for a fun party for basketball teams and a friend of mine was waiting for her brother to finish going to the bathroom and she heard knocking on the door. She asked if her little brother did it and he didn't.

    Posted 2/24/19

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  • Completely Haunted

    There were horrible rooms, unless you payed for a luxury room. The elevator once took me and my friend down to the basement, and that place was crazily haunted. Dark, spooky, dusty, the works. it wouldn't let us go up for a few seconds, then it finally went to our floor. -Cay

    Posted 1/29/18

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