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St. James Hotel - Real Haunt in Red Wing MN

  • 406 Main St.
  • Red Wing, MN
  • (651) 388-2846
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This hotel dates back to 1875 and is rumored to have several spirits that linger throughout. The first entity is said to be a hostile one, and he supposedly haunts all floors of the building. He is known to attack guests and slam doors. The second spirit is that of a woman in a white dress, who has appeared in the rooms of guests during the night. The third is a workman dressed in overalls, who is believed to have fallen to his death while he was doing construction on the building. Guests have reported seeing him on the grand staircase, but when they approach him, he fades away. Various ghostly faces have also been seen in the basement of the building and they are known to stare at people until they leave the lowest floor. Some other eerie occurrences here include cold spots, sounds of babies crying and ghostly whispering voices.
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  • Wonderful stay.

    My husband and I stayed for two nights this August of 2022. The room was spotless, and very cozy. We had no haunted events happen and I never sensed any sadness or spirits there. Food in the Scarlett restaurant was wonderful! We will stay there again!

    Posted 8/27/22

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  • Shadow and boy

    Me and some family members were staying at treasure island for the weekend, and since I was into haunted places, and thankfully, they agreed. Once we got there, we researched a bit, and then went upstairs. We took a lot of pictures, and then when we looked over them, we ended up finding 1 shadow figure, and a boy wearing a blue jacket, and orange hat and gloves. Now it was March of 2022 and it was cold, so I did have a blue jacket on, but I had no jacket nor gloves on..... and the shadow figure, it was on the other side of a window, and there was no one else there....

    Posted 8/16/22

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  • Strange lines

    I walked into the hotel and immediately felt the energy. The air was thick. It felt sad. I knew there were spirits there. I was anxious the entire time. I woke up around 3 in the morning. I looked out the window in front of the bed. I began to see dark lines forming down from each side of the window. Like long dark hair. I said "what is that?" My eyes were not playing tricks on me. Not sure if I wanna go back. Definitely some negative energy there.

    Posted 7/28/22

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  • The Stairs

    Quite a few years ago my sister and I went to this hotel for a wedding. I remember walking in from the back garage and I could feel the energy. As we were walking threw the halls looking at the decor I was telling my sister how I was convinced and dead set that the hotel was haunted and she just told me to "calm down, its not haunted". Well we get to the front desk and we see some flyers and I asked about it and the lovely woman checking us in was basically like "oh yeah this place is haunted" and with a quick whip of my head I turned to my sister and did the classic "I told you so" anyways fast forward, it was one in the morning and I couldn't sleep because at the time I was a night person and I went to go down stairs to have a smoke. I remember very clearly as I walked down the stairs I saw a woman in a dress walking up the stairs and I thought that was odd at this time of night but then as we passed it hit me of who she could of been and we both stopped and just looked at each other, I then quickly decided to keep moving cus I wasn't sure how that interaction would affect me but the look on her face of pure confusion is still very vivid in my mind. 10/10 though and I definitely plan on going back, can't wait.

    Posted 2/18/22

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  • Is it haunted or not? I have an answer!

    So, My mom works at the hotel and one day my brother went there to visit my mom. He said that when he was washing his hands in the bathroom that all of the toilets flushed so he rushed to my mom. i swore when i was on a walk with my friend i felt a cold hand touch my shoulder at the vending machine...I shook it off and thought it was just cold, cause we were in the basement after all. And stuff of mine have gotten missing in the basement there..I know many about this hotel. I don't like really going anywhere but the places i feel safe in. It gives me chills. I have not stayed overnight here. I recommend going here if you want to look for spirits!!!! Yes, it is haunted from my beliefs. I would NOT RECOMMEND EVER IF WANTING TO STAY THINKING ITS NOT HAUNTED!

    Posted 2/11/22

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  • Elevator to another dimension or spirit world?

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here and this is my first time posting on Reddit. My friend and I had a weird experience on Oct 23, 2021 at St. James Hotel in Red Wing, MN. Just a FYI, don't get this hotel confused with the St. James Hotel in NM where Ghost Adventures went to investigate. This St. James Hotel is one of the historical hotels in Red Wing, MN built in 1875. When we got there, it was a beautiful Victorian-like hotel. We checked in and got into the elevator to go to our hotel room on the second floor. As we waited inside the elevator to get to our floor, the elevator doors opened, and we saw that we were on the third floor instead. Confused, I asked my friend if she saw me pushed the second floor. All she said was that she saw the third floor button lit up. We thought it was strange and didn't step out of the elevator. From inside of the elevator, we saw that the third floor wall had a blue and brown Victorian-like wallpaper and the lamps on the wall were very dim, giving off an eerie and dark negative vibe. Not thinking of anything, we brushed it off and I pushed the second floor button. It finally took us to our floor. The elevator doors opened and we saw the same wallpaper but the lights were a bit brighter and there was a big wall mirror. We went to our hotel room to get settled in. In our room, I told my friend that we should go back to the third floor to venture since I've read that the third floor was active with spirits and the room 310, was Clara's room where her spirit still lingers in there. She was hesitant at first, but gave in when I begged her to go with me. We got into the elevator and this time, I pull out my cellphone and started to record. When we got to the third floor, the elevator doors opened, and to our shock, we saw that the walls were white instead! My friend and I were very confused and freaking out because we know what we saw. We went back into the elevator and checked the fourth floor. The walls were white as well. We pushed the fifth floor button but it wouldn't let us so we pushed the third floor again just to make sure that we were seeing a white or Victorian-like wallpaper. The elevator stopped at the third floor and the doors opened to reveal that the walls were still white. We went back to our second floor and couldn't believe what we've experienced. I think we went into another dimension or some say, we crossed over to the spirit world for a second there. Also, I think we saw the white wall instead of the Victorian-like wallpaper because I pulled out my cellphone to record. Overall, I didn't experience anything afterwards but my friend, she saw she saw a woman in the mirror in our room and there were feet shuffling keep going back and forth outside of our room. Anyone knows what we just experienced or anyone had a similar experience?

    Posted 11/1/21

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  • room 302

    we were in the hotel just walking around trying to explore. we pulled out a phone and looked at the ghost app. it said drown, sacrifice, and screen. i had take a video of the emf meter and it said screen right after. the end meter was dangerously high and suggested that we leave the place. room 302 is definitely a place to visit.

    Posted 11/1/21

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  • idk

    nothing paranormal happen

    Posted 10/6/20

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  • Scary

    Want to try paranormal activity things

    Posted 4/30/19

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  • Parking garage elevator

    We got there late, about 11 Pm. My one daughter and I forgot a few things in the car so we went back downstairs around midnight. After we grabbed our things and headed back up on the parking elevator we both felt sick. As I went to push the button to the main floor I felt dizzy and nauseous. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my daughter standing in the middle of the elevator hunched over and shaking her head. I asked her what was wrong and she said she felt drugged and her head felt really funny. The next day she said she felt like she had a hang over and didn’t feel good the rest of the day. My 12 yr old son who sleeps like a log did not sleep good at all there. Our last night there he was crying uncontrollably. I asked him why he was crying. I was confused because he never cries. I had thought maybe he was homesick. He said he wasn’t homesick and he didn’t know why he was crying. After our stay, when we got home, me and my 2 daughters had gotten horrible headaches. They lasted for 3 days!!!!!

    Posted 6/8/18

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  • We Stayed in Room 224 Betsey Ann Room

    My husband and I and our 14 year old daughter stayed in Room 224. The rooms are beautiful, the whole building is. But, It was a bit scary there. It reminded me of the Congdon Mansion in Duluth, Mn. Our daughter said it reminded her of the Titanic. Anyways I was standing by the light that was mounted on the wall and it dimmed all on it's own. We didn't think to much about it, until we started reading other people's sightings, And stories of things they had experienced there. We'll still go back as it is a very nice place with delicious food too!

    Posted 5/11/18

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  • Phone calls

    Me and my friend were at the st James hotel and the phone rang, I picked it up, no one was there, me and my friend got so scared and we left are room and rain down the grand stair case and got to our parents to tell them, they mad up an excuse saying I was a new person trying to order some food, we whent back to the room and the phone, me and my friend whent to bed around 5am! I woke up around 7am and the door was open, lights on,,,, I was half asleep so I assumed it was my friend, I asked her if it was, it was t and when I sleep I ALWAYS turn lights off and close door and so does she, was it a ghost, or just a coincidence?

    Posted 3/25/18

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