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Lakeview Cemetery - Buhl MN Real Haunted Place

  • Township Road 7936
  • Buhl, MN
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This cemetery is believed to be haunted by shadowy figures, mists, apparitions, and invisible beings have been heard walking next to visitors in the gravel.
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  • Haunted


    Posted 6/18/24

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  • Red eye

    As we know of the legendary red eye. Is a ghoul. A very powerful one. And let me tell you. I've never seen him. But, there are many other experiences I've had there. In the old crematorium. Me and my friends heard a growl. That was so loud we froze for a moment. It was very amazing. Which then lead us to do investigations there. And let me tell you. It did not disappoint.

    Posted 11/1/21

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  • Worth a visit

    Arrived around midnight … parked in front of the shrine. When we got out of the car we heard violent tapping from one of the flag poles— when we shined a flashlight over in the general area the sound immediately stopped. It was eerily quiet the entire i was there. When we walked around it always felt like someone was watching us. There were several times I would stop in my tracks because I felt like something/someone was stopping me/warning me not to continue.

    Posted 10/8/21

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  • Dog went Crazy!

    I brought my "mostly" mild mannered dog to the Buhl cemetery. She would not stop running in circles, barking in the air, dashing from one area of the cemetery to the other. She darted in and out of headstones like a crazy dog. I called her name and attempted to leash her, but she would not come. This was very unusual as we spend a lot of time in the woods together. She eventually ran so far away, she disappeared into the wood line. I could not find her. After an hour of searching and yelling. I started to drive away, thinking she would hear me and follow. She did not. I got out of my car (I couldn't leave her). Meanwhile, another person drove in to the cemetery and parked near Potter's field. As soon as their car door opened my dog appeared and leaped into the front seat of this stranger's car. When I finally got to the car to retrieve my dog from this unsuspecting, wonderful lady, my dog would not leave her car. She then leaped over the seat and into the back seat. SHE WOULD NOT LEAVE THIS CAR! I had to drag and carry this 80 pound dog out of this stranger's car and then to my car to get her out of there. She could barely breathe. She was panting so hard and could barely stand up. I thought she was going to have a heart attack. She recovered and I never brought her back again.

    Posted 6/16/21

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  • Worth a visit

    Arriving a little before 3am and parking we began to hear an unexplainable noise. As I walked toward Potters Field and Shrine i felt the constant feeling of someone behind me. I could hear faint disembodied voices of a group of people screaming from the field behind the cemetary. I then felt something like breath on the back of my neck. As I was walking up to the shrine my friend noticed a glowing light of some sort to the left of me- we could not find a source of light to cause this. Coyotes then began howling in the distance. As i began walking to my van i felt an overwelming surge of negative energy and dread. I jumped into my van. Before calling it a night and leaving i decided to shut everything off in the van including lights (to see if maybe we felt comfortable enough to just camp out in the van there) no sooner did I do this when I heard 3 tiny steps right beside the drivers seat door. Majority of the rest of the cemetery felt calm. But as soon as i walked down the middle gravel road to Potters Field the energy changed almost instantly. We did also find it somewhat alarming when 3 different times the entire cemetery went dead silent. No crickets, no wind- ear slicing silence ive never experienced before. I plan on revisiting this place very soon with a little more equipment. One of the scariest places I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

    Posted 9/20/20

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  • Got Ovulus responses

    Walked through the cemetery during the day. My wife used an ovulus as she walked and received quite a few responses. Heard crows near the statue that seemed to be angry similar to what another reviewer had said. Very disappointed to see so many head stones toppled over. Could that be why so many souls are still restless?

    Posted 5/29/20

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  • Screaming good time

    Parked by the Jesus statue just before sunset and walked around the entire cemetery and found the potters field hopefully to see or hear anything and was disappointed until we got back to the truck by Jesus and while waiting for the rest of our group we heard a mans voice screaming for help in the woods just behind the statue, it was then we stayed till it was night time and started to walk again it was then it sounded like someone was right behind you even when you stopped walking the sounds of foot steps could be heard and would stop when I looked behind me, I continued to potters field and by grave number 1 there was a dark shadow person stepping in and out from behind a tree I shined my light and he was gone but once it was off he came back it was then we walked really fast back to the truck and then left

    Posted 5/19/20

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  • Fuckin’ freaky

    Saw a small white light on the cross, got closer and somehow was not illuminating anymore and couldn’t find a bulb or anything where it was, heard a very strange noise, ran back to my truck with the gal and booked it out. Saw a shadowy white figure in the distance, felt eyes on us, overall scary ass vibes man.

    Posted 5/13/20

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  • Angry Crows

    We first stopped by the statue and the white crosses. I think some of the spooky noises come from the large Norway pines surrounding that area. It does feel colder there, but I think that is from the cold breezes coming off the lake. We then walked down to the area with the numbered crosses. As we were walking there, two birds started making the weirdest noises. It was two huge crows, high in a tree near a nest and they were fighting. I’ve never heard crows sound like that before.

    Posted 4/29/20

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  • Buhl

    We had spirits saying our names on a voice box, heard spirits saying help me in the field, felt eyes on us, saw lights coming from the statue but when closer no lights.

    Posted 2/19/20

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  • Not haunted at all


    Posted 9/23/17

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