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660th Ave - Gravity Hill - Real Watkins Haunt

  • 330th St. and 660th Ave.
  • Watkins, MN
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Legend says that if you go to this gravity-defying site and put your car in neutral on the level road, you will be pulled backward. Some say they have even suffered from headaches while driving on this road.
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  • It really works.

    My boyfriend and I went there last night. It really does pull you backwards. You have to go right around the bend. Stop before the line of pine trees. Put your car in neutral and turn it off you will be pulled backwards. We did the 3 times.

    Posted 10/17/22

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  • Scarry

    The old woman in the white dress was quite creepy

    Posted 10/8/21

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  • Rolling rolling rolling..

    I was with a bunch of friends and we turned out car in neutral and turned it off, and we had a good roll without utilizing gas. If you run out of gas and need an extra push this is the place to be! I don’t know if it’s haunted but the story behind this place is quiet interesting to make it seem like your being pushed by several children. Definitely would go back and try it out again! And you should too!

    Posted 10/2/20

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  • Lame

    Nothing happened, we put it on neutral but the car only moved because of the hills.

    Posted 8/3/20

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  • Awesome

    This was a super cool experience. We went backwards for quite a ways, and super fast. Would live to go again.

    Posted 7/25/20

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  • It is a driveway now

    Now some ones driveway now

    Posted 3/8/20

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  • Probably not paranormal, but cool

    We went here. It worked. I'm not sure I'd say it was paranormal but it was cool nonetheless.

    Posted 7/3/19

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  • Gravity Hill MN

    Gravity still works as it should here. The ghosts must’ve taken the day off. If you want to look lost and confuse the hell out of the residents, I highly recommend this location.

    Posted 6/1/19

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  • Indian Ghost Hill

    Want to take Mom on a neat little excursion trip or amaze your kids or grandkids? When I was researching my two Litchfield books, Terry Tales and Terry Tales 2, Dona Brown, former head of the GAR/County Museum, told me about a place outside of Forest City she called “Indian Ghost Hill”. I had never heard of it. After she wet my appetite, I asked her if I could drive her to it while she showed me the way. She agreed and off we went. It’s a phenomenon that occurs on a country hill not far from the Forest City stockade, just north of Forest City. The phenomenon defies gravity, or appears to. I’ve visited the hill several times since then and amazed friends, grandkids and my own kids. The only explanation I can come up with is that it’s an optical illusion. Some people suggest there is a gravity anomaly or a magnetic vortex there. When you drive to the site and reach the top of the hill , turn your car around so that you’re facing north and observe that it’s downhill in front of you and downhill behind you towards the curve in the road. Then drive back down the hill. Now, put your car in neutral, turn your engine off (or not) and release your brake. As crazy as it sounds, your car will be “pulled” backwards, back up the hill. The folklore that is told is that ghosts of the Indian children killed there push your car back up the hill as a warning to not think about building a home on that land, which was thought to be sacred to the Indians. One time when I visited the site, I did two “experiments”. I brought along a carpenter’s level. When I was at what I thought was the top of the hill, I kept checking the ground with my level until I found a perfectly level spot. I scratched a line in the gravel with my shoe’s heel and then I drove down the hill to the stop sign, thinking when I was pulled back up, my car should stop or really slow down at or near my line. Nope. I rolled right past it, quite far past it. Then I drove down the hill and turned my car to face the hill or south and put the car in neutral, thinking I should be pulled up the hill just as before. Nope. I rolled away from the hill. I turned my car around again to face north, and, sure enough, I was pulled up the hill again. How do you get there? Take County Road 2 north out of Forest City, going over a bridge. Go 1.5 miles from bridge to 330th Street, turn right and go .5 mile to 660th Street, turn right again and drive up the small hill. The hill is just before the curve to the left. Turn around to face north and observe that it’s downhill behind you and in front of you. Drive about half way down the hill, almost to the stop sign, and stop. Put your car in neutral and take your foot off the brake. The farther you go down the hill the faster you will be pulled back up the hill. I always ask my guests at the top of the hill, “Is it down in front of you?” They say, “Yes.” “Is is down behind you?” “Yes.” “So, we’re on the top of a hill?” “Yes.” “Okay, let’s drive downhill.”

    Posted 5/11/19

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